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Active Minds UAlberta Hassan, Bik, Jasmine, Saloni


Founder & President- Active Minds at University of Alberta

"When I founded Active Minds at University of Alberta, it was driven by the relentless passion to advocate for mental health, through overcoming barriers that are so regularly placed on conversations surrounding mental health. For me, Active Minds at University of Alberta is my stake at forming a social movement, initiated and led to change the conversation surrounding mental health. Through leading an initiative that emphasizes open conversation, awareness, and collaboration, my wish is to foster an environment that encourages acceptance and open communication. Student mental health continues to be a tremendous concern for our campus community. By leading Active Minds at University of Alberta, I aspire to change the lens through which mental health is observed in our campus and in our communities: It is the mission of Active Minds UAlberta, and myself to view mental health in an important, accepted, and nonjudgmental light. In Canada, 1 in 5 people will personally experience a mental health challenge, and mental health challenges can affect anyone. Postsecondary students are especially at higher risk of experiencing mental health challenges. Through empowering students to converse openly about mental health, we can decrease stigma, encourage help seeking, and change the overall campus culture surrounding mental health.”

Hassan Nawab Founder and President- Active Minds at University of Alberta


Vice President- Volunteer Relations Committee

Hi Everyone! My name is Parishi and I'm one of the VP for Volunteer Resources. What attracted me to Active Minds was the dedication this student group had towards making a difference on campus. Mental health seems to be such a taboo in society and it can be so easy to get frustrated by the ignorance surrounding it. Instead, Active Minds has created a platform where everyone on campus consistently has access to resources and support whenever they need. Turning my passion for mental health into something that can help make a greater difference in the community means the world to me. Seeing other students also wanting change surrounding mental health really goes to show how powerful a role Active Minds plays in working hard to de-stigmatizing mental health. Ultimately, by channeling compassion and understanding, we can make mental health matter.  



Vice President- Volunteer Relations Committee

Hi Everyone! My name is Ronak and I am one of the VP’s for the volunteer resources committee here at Active Minds. I joined Active Minds because I wanted to contribute to an initiative I deeply value that is dedicated towards changing the conversation surrounding mental health. Our mental health touches and influences every aspect of our wellbeing; yet it remains something that is rarely considered or talked about. Mental health is especially important to acknowledge on campus where the competitive, demanding, and fast paced environment can at times be overwhelming and stressful to students. Learning how to take care of ourselves during these times and recognizing when something may be wrong are fundamental skills I believe all of us should have. Through Active Minds, I hope to promote awareness of common mental health disorders that can help students understand what they are experiencing, while also connecting them to resources and services that can help. Through promoting positive mental health, I believe we can help foster a safer and more inclusive community on campus.



Volunteer Resource Committee Director

Hi everyone! I’m Ajay and I am a VRC Director with Active Minds UAlberta. Currently, I am studying Psychology for a Bsc. at the University of Alberta. I joined Active Minds because I recognized our importance on campus as a social movement and wanted to be a part of that change. The transition to university and subsequent post-secondary environment may be challenging to navigate and taking care of your mental health is imperative. Due to the stigma
surrounding mental health, many feel like they can’t reach out or seek help from others and in turn neglect their well-being. Taking that first step is the hardest but can be the biggest. I believe that Active Minds plays an important role in increasing access to resources and moving the conversation of mental health on campus forward. I strive to further this initiative to gain an understanding of the nuances and complexities around mental health and create a more supportive space on campus.



Volunteer Resource Committee Director

My name is Tanin and I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Science degree, with a Biological Sciences major and Psychology minor. I have always been very interested in learning more about the mind and mental health, as it is just as important as physical health. However, it is not always easy for many people to talk about their topics and issues surrounding the mind as comfortably as their physical health. Through Active Minds, I’m hoping to do my part in bringing awareness to the importance of mental health and to celebrate people’s journeys to a healthy mind. As university students especially, we must always be mindful of our mental health and be sure to stay healthy and positive under stress. As one of the directors of Volunteer Relations Committee, I have the chance to also help my peers destress and take care of themselves, and to discuss new ways through which they can share their experiences with others and inspire everyone to advocate for mental health, and that’s very fulfilling!

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Vice President- Finance & Media Relations

Hello! My name is Garima Regmi and I am a student in the faculty of business. Something that I have always been passionate about is everyone’s wellbeing and making others feel comfortable. I joined Active Minds to be part of an organization whose mission is to raise awareness and spark conversations about mental health.
Mental illness is something that affects all of us. Even if we don’t personally experience it, we all know someone in our life who is in need of help. I think it’s so important to educate people on these topics. Through Active Minds, I hope to provide resources and be of help to many students struggling with mental illness. I want to encourage the conversations surrounding mental health and to decrease the shame many people feel with their struggles.”



Vice President - Finance & Media Relations

Hi! My name is Jenaya and I'm a third year undergraduate Psychology student. When I first got involved with Active Minds, it stood out for me because I felt like the initiative could truly implement change at the University of Alberta and in the surrounding community. I realized how many students were facing various challenges with their wellbeing and as a part of Active Minds, I hope to create a more accepting atmosphere where people can speak out without concerns of judgement, failure or stigma. In a setting that is so often filled with pressure, competition and new adjustments, mental health is extremely important to talk about in a considerate and open manner. We may not always be able to understand what others are going through, but we can always make a difference in the way we choose to listen and support those around us



Creative Director

If we want to come together as a student body to initiate change and open up conversations about mental health, we need to tackle barriers that discourage people from seeking help. Active Minds is important to me because of the platform it creates for students to openly talk about the health issues that affect them and those around them. One of the major factors in opening up the conversation surrounding mental health is communication with the public. Through visual communication, art directives, and interactive designing I am able to allow my creative vision for Active Minds to come to fruition. The movement of change will begin when the conversation begins and accessing mental health services is normalized and encouraged. Active Minds stresses the inclusion of everyone in their journey to a healthier lifestyle and growing the movement of spreading awareness about the importance of mental health!

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Capture Your Mind Program Coordinator

Hi everyone! I'm Ashka and I'm one of the coordinators for the Capture Your Mind program. Active Minds is an important initiative to me because of its specific focus on the need to change the conversation around mental health. The dialogue around mental health is often marred by shame and guilt, making it extremely difficult for individuals to seek out help. This first step is the hardest to take, and I believe that Active Minds does a wonderful job in helping people take that step by bridging the gap between students and resources. Through Active Minds, I have been able to meet many enthusiastic and like-minded individuals and I am honoured to be working alongside them to create a brighter and healthier community.



Capture Your Mind Program Coordinator

Hi! I am Mandisha, one of the Coordinators for the Capture Your Mind program at Active Minds. I am a Third Year student in the Faculty of Arts majoring in Psychology and Anthropology. I found Active Minds an incredible initiative because of its emphasis on destigmatizing the conversations surrounding mental health. Everyone deserves the space and support to deeply understand what they have been through, who they authentically are and how to choose differently for themselves without being concerned about judgement or discrimination.  I hope to contribute to the community Active Minds has come to cultivate by educating people on the misconceptions surrounding mental health.



Vice President- Resource Outreach Committee

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine, and I am one of the Vice Presidents for the Resource Outreach Committee. I joined ActiveMinds in my first year because I believed that ActiveMinds was a way for me to promote inclusiveness, acceptance, and empathy for others. Mental health impacts many aspects of life and we can never truly know how someone is personally impacted by it. Now in my third year, I truly believe ActiveMinds has helped me facilitate these goals. I care about destigmatizing the conversation around mental health and helping others access the resources they need to nurture their mental health. ActiveMinds has worked hard to establish multitudes of programs to accomplish this and continues to grow and discover new ways we can work towards changing the conversation around mental health. Active Minds matters to me to create a society in which mental health is not stigmatized, a society which serves as a support system for those who need it.



Vice President- Resource Outreach Committee

Hi! My name is Saloni, and I am one of the Vice-presidents for the Resource Outreach Committee. I joined Active Minds in my first year of university to become a part of a social movement working towards reducing the social stigma surrounding mental health. I believe that stigma often results from unawareness  and a lack of conversation on the specific topic. As a part of Active Minds, I strive to bring awareness to mental health and its many dimensions. We have developed a number of programs over the past two years in an aim to drive and start mental health-related conversations on multiple platforms. I hope to continue this journey to promote positive mental health and, more importantly to promote conversations which allow for a safe space to discuss mental health.





Past Executive Vice-President



Past Vice President- Volunteer Relations Committee



Past Vice President- Volunteer Relations Committee