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Building a Virtual Interactive Emotion Tracking Community with Local Resource Connections

It is finally here! The wait is over: Active Minds UAlberta is proud to launch our Active Minds UAlberta Mental Health App

Available on the Google Play store, our application features a mood tracking capability unlike no other! By creating a user profile, the app allows you to track and keep logs of your daily mood as well as follow other users, such as friends and other users. Our goal is to offer users a personable and safe platform to keep track of their mental health journey. Whether you wish to follow and engage with other users is your choice! By creating a user following experience, users have the choice to follow other users mental health journey. By allowing for this collective experience, we wish to foster a collective effort to de-stigmatize the conversation surrounding mental health, and create a community of support and openness! 

Check out the highlighted features of our app below, and email your experiences and any technical issues you face to us directly at 

Happy Mood Tracking...!

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