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Changing the Conversation Around Mental Health one presentation at a time

Mental health education is a key aspect in changing the conversation surrounding mental health. So often, mental illness is mis-conveyed in pop culture and easily misunderstood. In line with our goal to create a safer space that is well-informed, supportive, and knowledgable of mental health, Active Mind's UAlberta delivers interactive Educational Presentations on mental health. 

Our Educational Presentations on Mental Health are facilitated by experienced volunteers who deliver either a 50 minute or 80 minute session covering the following the following topics: 

  • Mental Health: what, when, why 

  • Myths surrounding Mental Health 

  • Mental Health and Stigma 

  • Stress and Mental Heath 

  • Language and Mental Health 

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing Guided exercise 

  • Guided Meditation exercise (during 80 minute sessions only) 

  • Mental Health Resources and Help


Please click on the button below to fill out a short presentation request form! Email any questions to

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